Around Spire

A grand entrance with organised traffic flow

A grand entrance predisposes a visitor with the promise of an elite experience. We’ve designed the entry to emulate that of a 5 star entrance, with a landing bay for cars to drop off residents and guests at the lobby. Four rows of trees create a green barrier between the road, giving this space a sense of privacy.

On entering the building, a grand double height lobby, again reminiscent of a grand hotel is the first interior space that a resident or guest will experience.

Undisturbed and dedicated traffic flow at the surface level

Spire has 1 entrance and 3 exits. Residents have access to an exclusive entry ramp and exit ramp. Guests and visitors using the club, will head straight to the Entrance Foyer for a drop off, following which their car can either park in the visitor parking or use the lobby exit. A third exit is located next to the entry. This is in place to abide with fire norms, but can also be used by service vehicles like garbage collection vans that can enter and exit discreetly.

Two level basement with ample parking for residents and visitors

Spire has a lower and upper basement. The parking lot has been designed to be a one-way driving experience. The exit ramps have been planned to offer uninterrupted visibility across the two basement levels, all the way to the ground floor. There are 100 car parks in the lower basement and 176 car parks in the upper basement out of which 74 are stacked parking spaces. Visitors of course, have around 25 car parks to themselves.

Upper Basement Lower Basement

Division of
Public & Private Zones

Guests visiting the shared amenities are segregated from the residential zone, they have no access to the apartments

Some of the amenities at Spire are open to the public. For this reason, we have designed segregated zones that limit public access to the residential areas. Unique lifts and stairways serve the purpose of guests getting around the amenities. Residents on the other hand have secure and convenient access to the public areas.

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